NYSSSA Summer Arts Program Scholarship Opportunity

In an effort to promote access and equity to arts education, NYS is offering students in 6th-12th grades a chance to earn up to 90% of their tuition for a regional Arts summer program, with awards ranging from $250 to $5,000.  These awards are need based and will be granted to those most in need first, limited to $150,000 in awards. The deadline is May 1, 2022. The application and more information can be found here:

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Digital Citizenship Grant

PTA Connected + TikTok Grant, Sponsored by TikTok

40 local high school PTAs/PTSAs will be awarded a grant of $1000 each, sponsored by TikTok, to host family-centered conversations within high school communities about digital kindness, safety and responsibility.  Grant recipients will be required to organize and host a high school student panel, educate participants about digital kindness, safety, and responsibility and TikTok’s safety features, and facilitate interactive learning within participants. National PTA is developing resources to support PTAs having these events, to be posted here soon!

The grant application deadline is Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Grant application and information.

Know a teacher who is always thinking outside of the box?

NYS PTA wants to assist our forward thinking “inclusive” teachers with a $200 grant to “integrate” “innovative,” “original” and “relevant” resources into the classroom that will have a positive “impact“ on a variety of students, not just certain “individuals.”
Here’s the deal: Every PTA unit gets to pick 2 applications that they feel are the best contenders to submit to NYS PTA, but those applications must be received by NYS PTA on or before 2/15/2022. Make sure to get this info out to your teachers right away and ask them to submit their applications to your unit representative by email at least one week prior to that deadline to ensure proper judging takes place. Their application should be ready for submission when they send them over.
This is a small grant, but it may be just enough for that one thing the teacher needs. Make sure to get those applications in and make sure it follows the “guidelines.” If you have any questions or need for some grant-writing tips and resources, (or if you don’t know why specific words above are in quotes), please reach out to Nassau Region Grants Chair, Ivy Reilly, by email:

Good luck!…/givingtuesday-funding-teacher-grant/

Youth Humanitarian Award In Memory of Stanley Marcus

Youth Humanitarian Award in Memory of Stanley Marcus

The Youth Humanitarian Award In Memory of Stanley Marcus is presented to high school junior or senior students who best exemplify the humanitarian principles of Stanley Marcus who died in 1977 while serving as third vice president of the New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers. He will always be remembered for his humanitarianism and dedication to youth through zealous volunteer community service. Since PTA is a volunteer organization, we believe that it is only fitting that we should honor such service by our young people through the sponsorship of this award.

Deadline to apply: January 31, 2022



  hours  minutes  seconds


Application Deadline

From the nominees submitted, one recipient will be chosen by the NYS PTA Committee by April 1, 2022. Presentation of the award shall be made by the Region PTA at the Spring Conference (or other appropriate occasion).


The purpose of this award is to recognize a junior or senior who best exemplifies the humanitarian principles of Stanley Marcus who is remembered for his humanitarianism and dedication to youth through zealous volunteer community service.


The nominee must:

  • be a junior or senior at a high school with a PTA/PTSA in good standing
  • demonstrate outstanding volunteer community service
  • display humanitarian principles by word and deed
  • be selected for the quality of the humanitarian activities rather than for the quantity of extracurricular activities

NOTE: Academic achievement SHOULD NOT be a factor in the selection process.

Unit Selection Process:

In order to participate, the PTA/PTSA High School unit must be in good standing on the date of submission:

  1. Membership dues have been paid
  2. Insurance has been paid
  3. Current bylaws – 3 years or less since last approved

Each unit may submit one 11th or 12th grade student for this recognition.

Region PTA Selection:

Each Region PTA/PTSA may submit one nominee for this state award from those submitted by the high school PTA units. The chosen recipient from each Region will receive a recognition plaque from NYS PTA.

NEW National PTA Grants – Applications due this week!

The grant application deadline has been extended! Your PTA has more time to apply for National PTA grants currently available! Visit to apply for grants by Monday, December 13, 8:00 p.m., ET! Apply today!

National PTA has 4 new $1,000 grant opportunities for local PTAs who are interested in implementing a National PTA program in the areas of STEM, literacy, digital citizenship, healthy minds and the arts. Grants are need-based to provide extra support to PTAs in running their program or making their program accessible to all students. 

PTA Connected + TikTok Grant Sponsored by TikTok

Sponsored by TikTok, 40 local PTAs will be awarded a grant of $1,000 each to host family-centered conversations within high school communities about digital kindness, safety and responsibility. 

STEM + Families Math Night Grant Sponsored by Mathnasium

National PTA is awarding 35 local PTAs with $1,000 in grant funding, to co-host a Math Night, in collaboration with Mathnasium. PTAs will organize a hands-on, In-Person Math Night or a Real Time, Virtual Math Night, but only if in-person is not permitted by the district. 

Tobacco Prevention Campaign Grant Sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

We are awarding 10 local PTAs/PTSAs—serving 6th to 12th grade students their families—$1,000 each in grant funding, sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. For this grant, your PTA/PTSA must promote our Tobacco Prevention Campaign and make PTA-leader or student-led tobacco prevention education advocacy efforts.

STEM + Families Science Festival Grant Sponsored by Bayer Fund

40 local PTAs will be awarded $1,000 in grand funding, sponsored by Bayer Fund, to provide opportunities for families to participate in shared, hands-on science activities and be inspired to pursue careers in STEM. Your PTA must be willing to run a hands-on science festival program using the National PTA STEM + Families Science Festival resources and ensure both students and families actively participate in the experiments, to enhance positive family engagement. This grant is open to PTAs that are located within a 55-mile radius of Whippany, New Jersey