Welcome to the Nassau Region PTA Bylaws page

All units and councils must have PTA bylaws under which they operate. Every Units/Councils are different, but still in the same framework set up by New York State PTA. The bylaws must be updated every 3 years to keep your unit or council in good standing with the State and National PTA. Bylaws are the backbone of your association.

All bylaws must be voted on at a general meeting of your unit/council with 30 days notice and quorum present.

NYS PTA has published a quick guide for renewing your bylaws here

Before starting please read through your existing Bylaws and filling out the left column of the Bylaws Amendment form.

Unit Bylaws Amendment form

Council Bylaws Amendment form

Use the right hand column for what you are keeping the same and your changes. Use the form as you work through the wizard to answer the questions and fill in the check boxes.

All Bylaws, both Units and Councils, are done using the Bylaws wizard available through the State website or by clicking here: Bylaws wizard

The cover sheet needs to be signed, dated with the meeting date, and emailed to the Region Bylaws Chair at:

You bylaws will become official after they are approved by both Region and State. You final copy will be emailed to the email address entered when filling out the wizard. The final copy will have the state signature and a new expiration date.

The amendment process is the same, with the addition of adding the Amendment form all filled out and emailed to the Region Chair.

If you have any questions please contact Lynn Petrofsky at