Know a teacher who is always thinking outside of the box?

NYS PTA wants to assist our forward thinking “inclusive” teachers with a $200 grant to “integrate” “innovative,” “original” and “relevant” resources into the classroom that will have a positive “impact“ on a variety of students, not just certain “individuals.”
Here’s the deal: Every PTA unit gets to pick 2 applications that they feel are the best contenders to submit to NYS PTA, but those applications must be received by NYS PTA on or before 2/15/2022. Make sure to get this info out to your teachers right away and ask them to submit their applications to your unit representative by email at least one week prior to that deadline to ensure proper judging takes place. Their application should be ready for submission when they send them over.
This is a small grant, but it may be just enough for that one thing the teacher needs. Make sure to get those applications in and make sure it follows the “guidelines.” If you have any questions or need for some grant-writing tips and resources, (or if you don’t know why specific words above are in quotes), please reach out to Nassau Region Grants Chair, Ivy Reilly, by email:

Good luck!…/givingtuesday-funding-teacher-grant/